Sunday, 7 July 2013

Croydon 7th July 2013

These are status updates I posted to FB during the race, as I didn't have a blog at the time (hence the typos etc).  Bloody tough race though, shortest ultra I've done but certainly the most pain I've ever been in (hot spot on the ball of my foot from mile 7ish that developed into the most horrendous blister by mile 16 and had me in tears. I wasn't experienced enough at the time to know to deal with the hotspot when it started, and ended up limping for 2 weeks after the race) and the most relieved I've ever been to finish!  Ian Shelley and Kevin Smith kept me going with phone calls and texts during the Dark Miles and meeting up with Kevin Limbert at the last CP was a Godsend, we swore and struggled and made it to the end together, after the lovely Debra Bourne bandaged up my feet. 

Filling my bladder with ice cubes at half 6 on a Sunday morning - gotta be a first lol

Woohoo!! — at Sandilands Sports Ground

Spout Hill calves burning, evil !! Having fun :-) 

Ppl dropping out cos of heat. Hot spot on right sole now. 2nd half,head down, dig.deep. Laters!

At final aid station, she's taped me up, im gna keep going

 Finished at 5 thank God!!!! Toughest race ever. Both feet bandaged. Have had clubhouse now getting lift to station. YO ADRIAN I DID IT!!!! 

I'm tired and can't put weight on my right foot BUT it's been a really good day with lovely people, those I've met before and quite a few new ones. The running community really is a good one to be part of  feeling content.

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